Stefanie Seifer Commercial Reel + Resume

“Stefanie Seifer’s…zealot is hilarious comic fodder.” – LA Weekly

Stefanie Seifer  –  SAG/AFTRA

Commercial              Role                      Director                     Production

Ford *                         Principal               Darryl Kinson            Flash Point Communications
Cisco Systems           Principal               Brett Simon               Radical Media
Verizon                       Principal               Matt Aselton             Epoch Films
Round Table Pizza    Principal               Tony Ober                 Compulsive Pictures
Ecos Wave                 Principal               Brad Cruz                  NBC SkyCastle
Red Mango                Principal               Dan Luther Gooch   Competitive Awesome
Air New Zealand       Principal

*Winner – 2015 Telly Award – Lead Talent

Stefanie Seifer

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  1. I was just looking at your Stefanie Seifer Commercial Reel. I remember that Verizon commercial. Such a great spot.