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Let’s Yoga, Meditate and Chill

I teach tools to help you quiet your mind, release what is holding you back to restore your own energy.  With the combination of movement, breathwork, mindfulness, visualization, mantra, chanting and guided meditation, I help you learn what works best for you to ground yourself, enjoy life and perform at your best.

Whether in a corporate class or a private setting each session is tailored to the needs of the student. Everyone is unique. My goal is to help you find peace and lighten up your life a bit.

Specializing in Private + Corporate Class Yoga + Meditation – Health and Wellness Programs

With the combination of movement, breathwork, visualization and guided meditation I teach employees tools to help quiet their mind, increase alertness, reduce stress and help restore energy. Each class is adjusted to the needs of the individuals or collective group.

Learning these different methods and tools at work help individuals keep their bodies healthy and their minds calm, often resulting in more focused work performance.  The tools learned in class can be applied to their lives outside of class and into their personal and professional lives. Conditioning the body and clearing one’s mind through yoga and meditation helps to create better concentration and a renewed sense of alertness – all positive resources for the workplace.

I understand that every corporation is unique.  I can incorporate my work into an existing wellness program, or I can help develop and initiate a company’s wellness plan from the foundation; tailoring the program to the corporation and the needs of their employees.


RYT 200 Certified Instructor