Directing & Producing – Documentary: The Heroine’s Journey

Currently Directing & Producing – THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY

The documentary looks at mythological concepts coined by Joseph Campbell to examine how The Hero’s Journey is relevant to Western women if we are to “save the world,” a mission the Dalai Lama said he believed would be accomplished by women in the West. This film asks, if a Western woman is interested in creating a better world, how can she recognize her call to adventure, what are some of the dragons that she is likely to face along the way, and what does following her bliss have to do with “saving the world?”

The film also examines how mythological stories, legends, and folktales from different cultures have clues for Western women wishing to embark on their own heroine’s journey, as well as looking at what the heroine’s journey means on a personal level, in relationship with others, and in relationship with our planet.

A goal of this film is to introduce, modernize, and make relevant the concepts of mythology, archetypes, individuation, personal narrative and breaking patterns so that they are more accessible to a broad audience.

Embark On...

The Heroine's Journey

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