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The documentary examines how the concept of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey is relevant to women in modern day society who wish to embark on their own Heroine’s Journey, create social change and balance equality for all. The film traces The Heroine’s Journey that women have collectively been on throughout history,  along with the challenges women face on their own individual path towards internal transformation. This project aims to show how a woman’s personal liberation leads to societal liberation.  

The film modernizes and makes relevant mythological stories and archetypes from different cultures that may have clues for women on their path, and also addresses the importance of breaking cultural and personal patterns in order to live their Heroine’s Journey.  This documentary asks, if a modern woman is interested in creating a better world, how can she recognize her call to adventure, what are some of the dragons that she is likely to face along the way, and what does following her bliss have to do with empowering the world?

Victoria Ferriz and I began working on this film in 2015, and our interest in the subject came from our own desire to understand what it means to be women living today, with more opportunities and freedoms than the women before us have known, and yet still feeling a huge sense of emptiness.

Some of the people already involved with this project are Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath, Heatherash Amara and Jennifer Kunst Ph.D.

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The Heroine's Journey

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